Daniel Soresa



Daniel Soresa is an Ethiopian born painter who lives and works in Norway.

Born in Addis Ababa in 1978, his talent and passion for art became apparent in his formative years.

At the age of 6, Soresa went to live in Barcelona and it was there that he was first introduced to

the works of Spanish artists like Gaudí and Tàpies. Both artists strongly influenced his work to this day.

During his time in Barcelona, he attended San Salvador School until the age of 13 when he returned

to live in Ethiopia. Upon his return, Soresa continued his studies at the Italian Cultural Institute,

pursuing his interest in History of Art. During the school holidays, he would spend time

with craftsmen and painters who worked in commercial properties rented out by his father.

It was during this period when he developed his first drawings and paintings, which were strongly

influenced by the Ethiopian artist Maitre Afewerk Tekle.

Later in life Soresa travelled extensively in West Arica acquiring new knowledge and inspiration

for his paintings.

Soresa is captivated by the synergy between colour and light, and seems to be constantly in search

of colour and the emotions that it brings. His works are infused with vivid pigments on canvas

and filled with rich textures- presenting a medley of vibrant colours and cultural references.